Appbase uses the same data schema as ElasticSearch v5.x and v2.x.

App aka Index

An app in is stored as an index in ElasticSearch. App is the highest level of construct supported by appbase and is equivalent to a database in SQL.


JSON data (aka documents) in an app is logicaly partitioned using types, think of them as namespaces for arranging and querying similar kinds of data.


A document is the actual data stored in an app. Documents are JSON objects, equivalent to records or rows in SQL.

	"user": "data",
	"remember": "something",
	"molala": "yaya",
	"lifeis": 42,
	"recursive": {
		"how's this": "one nested value"

Visualizing the Data Model

An app can have one or more types and each type is a container for JSON documents. Visually, the arrangement looks like below:

Data Model View

Click on the image above to see the actual data, visualized with data browser.