provides a search stack platform for building modern apps. offers ElasticSearch as a service with added bells and whistles like a better development experience, rich analytics and out of the box granular security controls.

With, you can:

  • Import your data from a variety of sources using either our dashboard interface or CLI,
  • Build and test search relevancy visually,
  • Build your search UIs using one of our UI component libraries or by using one of the SDKs or the REST API,

Appbase Architecture Image: overview diagram

We have production users running E-Commerce stores, analytics dashboards, feeds, and realtime backends using

There are some catches if you intend to:

  • Use it as a primary data store or need ACID guarantees - is not ACIDic and doesn't support multi-document transactions. A good design choice in such a situation would be to use something that supports ACID transactions (e.g. a SQL databaste), and then use for the data that needs to be searchable in realtime.
  • Perform analytical processing - Being based on Elasticsearch, is designed as an OLTP system although it supports aggregations and queries on data sets of the size of hundreds of gigabytes and even a few terabytes. There are plenty of ideal tools for OLAP use-cases - Amazon Redshift, Google Big Query, Apache Hadoop. can be used in a complementary fashion with any of these for handling online transactions.

API Intro APIs are 100% RESTful, work with JSON and are compatible with Elasticsearch. With our apps offering, there are some API endpoints that we don't allow access to. Full list of supported endpoints is documented at

We also offer hosted clusters, where we maintain 100% compatibility with the Apache 2.0 licensed ElasticSearch and support every release starting v5.6.

Out of the Box Features offers following advantages over running a raw Elasticsearch cluster / index.

  1. Analytics - Get rich insights and analytics for your search app.
  2. Security - Read/write access credentials, IP sources and HTTP Referers based restriction, Role based access control.
  3. Zero Ops - Automated provisioning, scaling, logging and daily backups so you can enjoy a peace of mind.
  4. An Active Ecosystem - From UI toolkits to build search interfaces and map UIs, to the leading Elasticsearch data browser to a GUI for writing queries to backend data connectors to import data from SQL, MongoDB, JSON, CSV sources into Elasticsearch, we are actively working on open-standards to improve accessibility of building apps with and Elasticsearch.
  5. No Vendor Lock-in - Hosted APIs often come with a huge lock-in cost. is offered as a hosted API as well as a cloud native software, offering a consistent experience without becoming a walled garden.
  6. Built-in Realtime Streaming - is the only Elasticsearch service offering a realtime pub/sub API for the entire Elasticsearch Query DSL.

Image: feature stack overview