A function once created can be deployed into your search infrastructure. Deploying a function is essentially the equivalent of putting a container which contains this function and gets dedicated compute and memory resources. Appbase.io Dashboard allows you to seamlessly deploy and manage functions. Below are the steps you can follow to deploy function

Deployment Procedure

Step 1: Login to Appbase.io (Arc Dashboard)

  • Appbase.io cluster users can directly access Dashboard, by logging in here. After logging in select your cluster and click Explore Cluster button.

  • Self hosted Appbase.io users can open Arc Dashbard and enter credentials set during setup.

Step 2: Navigate to Functions

After logging into dashboard, you can Navigate to Develop > Functions tab from the left side menu.

Step 3: Click on Deploy Function

Step 4: Add function details

Note: If you are using Self Hosted version of Appbase.io and want to deploy private image of function, you will have to add OPENFAAS_KUBE_CONFIG env with the value where your kubernetes config file exists.

Once the function is deployed we can Set Trigger for that function so that we can conditionally invoke a function.